Gloria's Dream

Kids learn the importance of selflessness and generosity with Gloria’s Dream!

Author Adriana Pernetz has dedicated most of her life to teaching kids good values that will allow them to grow into good and morally upright people.  She knows full well how important it is to teach kids about good values at a young age. And from experience, she knows that the best way to teach kids these values, is through fun and structure. This is why she has created her new children’s book, Gloria’s Dream. In Gloria’s Dream, the author creates a wondrous book that shows children the importance of love, hope, compassion and other important values. Through this lovingly written children’s book, kids can now learn about life lessons and enjoy themselves in the process.

Through this children’s book, children will be able to learn good life values in the form of well-crafted stories. Gloria’s Dream predominantly follows the adventures of a young goat who loves to dream. He has a good life. But his innocent life is soon disturbed after his happy dreams vanish and are replaced with horrible visions. Now the young goat must set off on a journey of self-discovery that will teach him the importance of valuing others above yourself.

The children’s book is comprised of well-made illustrations that totally enhances the reading experience.  The illustrations have a certain water color quality to them, and they draw readers young and old into the story. The experience is further enhanced by well-crafted characters and fun dialogues that helps young readers get more engrossed into the process. The true beauty of this book, is the fact that it can capture the attentions of young readers effectively and teach kids of all ages the importance of selflessness and generosity.

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