Elements of a Good Childrens Book

Essential Elements In Writing A Great Children’s Book!

If you want to write a truly great children’s book, you will need to put in the work. This is because writing a children’s book is not like writing in other genres. You are writing for children. And seeing as kids have very short attention spans, you will have to try another approach. You can’t just write the first thing that comes to your mind. You have to make sure that your story is not only interesting enough to catch your reader’s attention, but appropriate for kids to read as well. So before you write a children’s book you will need a strategy. Here are essential elements to write a good children’s book.

1. Great characters

Great characters are an essential element of a great children’s book because they are the main focal point of your story. Your young readers will see the story through their eyes. Your readers may even see a bit of themselves in some of the characters. So when you write your cast of characters, you should take your time and make your characters as interesting as possible. Give each of your characters defining traits that will separate them from the rest of the cast of characters. You can also give them different motivations and challenges that they must overcome. Overall, your cast of characters can make or break your story. So take your time crafting them.

2. A unique story

Aside from a cast of characters it is also important that you come up with a truly unique story concept. Your story has to be unique because most kids have had read their fair share of children’s fiction. So take your time coming up with a unique story concept. Take the time to brainstorm the overall concept. From the setting, the plot, the conflict to the overall conclusion of your story. You can also write a short version of your story and have kids read them. That way you can gauge how much they will like your work and can write the full version with a sense of confidence.

3. Beautiful illustrations

The Illustrations are one of the main reasons why kids read children’s books. This means that you will have a great deal of competition on hand. So if you want to truly stand out, you will need to make your illustrations beautiful. Don’t stint out on hiring an illustrator because their work could mean the difference between your book capturing children’s attentions or them losing interest in your book. When you choose an illustrator, make sure he or she has had experience working with authors. Make sure that he or she does not take shortcuts and follows your instructions to the letter.

Beautiful Illustrations

4. An attractive book cover

Your book cover is yet another reason why you should get a good illustrator. This is because the book cover is the first thing your potential readers will get to see of your book. And your book cover is one of the main factors in whether or not a potential reader picks up your book or not. So when you design your book cover, make sure that everything is just right. Make sure that you give your illustrator the right instructions. Make sure that you use the right color schemes and images. All in all, a lot is hanging on your book cover. So make it as attractive as possible.

5. Life lessons and values

Aside from your book’s aesthetics you should also make sure that you incorporate a lot of life lessons and values into your children’s book. Remember that you are writing for kids. So any form of profanity and strong language are not allowed. You should also steer clear of disturbing issues because they may have a negative effect on the kids. Instead, you should infuse many life lessons and values into your writing. Teach the younger generation how to be decent human beings. This will not only endear you with parents, but it will count as a good deed as well. Overall writing a children’s book is not only a great way to show off your creative side, it is also a chance to mold and nurture the next generation.

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