Creating a Childrens Book

How to Create a Truly Wonderful Children’s Book

Creating a children’s book is a great dream that many writers have. Which is quite understandable because to write a children’s book, is to have the opportunity to influence the hearts and minds of a generation of kids all over the world. But as great as this dream may seem, writing a children’s book is not a bed of roses. In truth, it can be quite a challenge. And if you don’t have a strategy, you can end up getting discouraged and quitting on this dream. Here are 5 Easy to follow tips on creating a truly great children’s book.

1. Know your target market

If you want your children’s book to succeed, you will need to know your target market first. By knowing your target market, you will know who you are writing for. This is especially important if you are writing a children’s book. This is because not all kids share the same level of reading comprehension. The younger kids usually don’t know how to read yet or have a hard time doing it. While older kids already know how to read and have a more refined taste in stories. So it stands to reason that you should identify your target market as soon as possible. That way, you will be able to pattern your writing according to your target market’s level of comprehension and tastes.

2. Create a lovable main character

If you have read some great examples of children’s books you would notice that the book’s popularity is closely linked to the main character. Which is understandable because the failure and success of most books usually depends on how likeable and relatable the main character is. So if you want your children’s book to be a success, you will need to make a truly lovable character. When you make your main character, stay away from the clichés and old tropes. Instead, you should think of something truly unique. Use traits from people in your life. People you admire and want to emulate. Seeing as you are writing a children’s book, it is also important that you don’t make your character too mature or jaded. Make your characters more relatable to kids. Give them problems that your audience can relate to. But most importantly, you should make your main character into someone that your young audience would love to have as a friend.

3. Make your book cover attractive

When a child goes into a book store, the first thing that he or she would do is to pick up the most attractive book they can find. This is a normal reaction for most kids and a good reason why you should make your book cover as attractive as possible. When you make your book cover, you should remember that you are writing for kids. So your book cover should have great illustrations and bright and vibrant colors. Something that really catches the eye. The book cover should also show what the book is about, and if possible you should also show an image of the main character. That way, just by looking at the book cover, the young reader could already visualize the contents of the book and be even more intrigued and excited about the contents of the book.

4. Come up with something fun and unique

How to Create a Childrens Book

Just because you are writing for kids does not mean you can take it easy. In truth kids are some of the hardest people to write for because they usually have short attention spans. And if the story does not impress them, they usually lose all interest. So it is important that you come up with something truly new and exciting. Don’t rely on old and used up tropes. Think hard on your story concept, and use various elements in your writing. Make it as multifaceted and as immersive as possible, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

5. Write for the parents

Aside from writing for your young audience, you should also write for their parents as well. This is because the parents are the ones who ultimately decide whether to get your book or not. So it stands to reason that you make your book as wholesome as possible. Because no parent wants their kids to learn bad manners or inappropriate language. Instead, you should incorporate positive elements such as the importance of values and life lessons into your book. These will surely make your book as attractive to parents as possible.

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