Guide to Childrens Books for Parents

A Short Guide To Children’s Books For Parents

If you are a parent and you are looking for the best children’s book to give to your kid, you would be surprised that there are a multitude of children’s books out there. And you will also be surprised at how many types of children’s books there really are. So before you go out and buy a children’s book, you should at least know what you’re getting. That way, you will know the characteristics of each children’s book and you will know which book is best for your kid. Here is a short guide to children’s books for newbie parents.

1. Collection of Folktales and Fables

This type of children’s book is usually the result of generations of stories compiled into one book. The stories are usually derived from an oral storytelling tradition and usually has a moral or lesson at the heart of the story. And seeing as folktales and fables are usually taken from various cultures they can also be used to teach kids about other cultures and mindsets.

2. Picture story books

Picture books are by far the most visually stimulating of all the children’s books. This is because the illustration should be in complete synchronization with the text in order to tell the story right. One of the nest features of picture story books is the fact that the illustrations are very well made and can be considered as artwork. One of the best things about certain picture story books is that they can be considered collectors’ items because of the beauty of the illustrations.

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3. Nursery Rhyme books

Nursery Rhyme books are usually a collection of rhymes and songs that have been used for multiple generations. These rhymes are meant to tell a story and amuse at the same time. Overall nursery rhymes are a great way to enhance children’s reading comprehension and rhyming skills.

4. Poetry books

Poetry books have a lot in common with nursery rhyme books. This is because they are a compilation of words linked together through rhyme, sound and meaning. But nursery rhymes are usually a compilation of sings and rhymes passed down from one generation to another and are meant for kids in general. Whereas a poetry book can contain less joyful or sunny words and can be meant for more mature kids.

5. Interactive children’s books

Interactive Children’s books are a type of children’s that requires the participation and interaction by the reader. Its main feature is that it entertains and educates kids by conducting fun activities in the form of instructions. They may come in the form of computerized books, tunnel books, pull-tab books and transformation books just to name a few.

6. Alphabet books

Alphabet books are specifically created to help kids learn their ABCs. Illustrations are often used to make the learning process more effective, efficient and more importantly fun. The alphabet book usually uses colorful illustrations of everyday objects. They are usually arranged in alphabetical order, with the word and the picture of the object being presented to help the child form an association between the two.

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7. Chapter books

Chapter books are usually meant for older kids ranging from age 7 to 11. They usually have a higher word count. They also consist of a more sophisticated cast of characters and a well-thought out storyline. The words and the vocabulary used in chapter books are also much more sophisticated and requires a higher level of reading comprehension. The books usually have around 4,000 to 11,000 words. Chapter Books can also be illustrated or just text based.

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