What Makes a Good Childrens Book

What Makes a Good Children’s Book Good?

If you are thinking of writing a children’s book, you should know that it is not all flowers and rainbows. You may be writing for a younger demographic, but that does not mean you can take it easy. In truth, you will have to work extra hard because kids have short attention spans and it takes a great deal of work to keep them interested. So before you write a children’s book, you should at least know what makes a good children’s book good for kids.

 • Great characters

If you want to captivate your young readers it is important that you create a truly unique cast of characters. This is because the characters are the main focal point of your story, and your readers will see the story through the eyes of your characters. They may even see themselves in your characters, which will make them even more enamored with the overall story. So when you are writing your story try to make your characters as interesting and relatable as possible. Give them unique backstories and design. Who knows? Maybe a character you created can be the start of a successful children’s book series.

 • Wonderful illustrations

Illustrations on Childrens Book

Children are naturally very energetic. And because of this, they usually have short attention spans. So it can understandably be a bit difficult to keep their attention. So when you are writing your children’s book, it is always a good idea to pay close attention to your illustrations. You can’t just draw subpar illustrations or stamp a picture into your book and expect it to draw kids’ attention. You should really invest in your illustrations. Hire a professional illustrator or if you are an artist, take extra care and try to incorporate the essence of your book into your illustrations. All in all, the better crafted your illustrations, the higher chance your book will attract kids’ attention.

 • Values and life lessons

Yet another way you can make your children’s book more attractive and sellable, is to integrate values and life lessons into your story. This is because kids are very impressionable and they usually absorb everything they read like a sponge. So the more values and life lessons you incorporate into your book the better. From a marketing standpoint, putting values and life lessons into your children’s book will also make it a lot more attractive to their parents. And seeing as the parents are ultimately the ones who decide whether or not to buy your book, this can be a very good marketing strategy.

 • Humor

Humor is always an important element in writing children’s books. This is because it helps lighten the mood of the story and give a sense of hilarity and goodwill. So it never hurts to put in a few jokes or funny moments into your children’s book. But when you make jokes, you should make sure that they are appropriate. Don’t write jokes that may be construed as racy or vulgar. Remember that these are kids you are writing for. So you should treat them accordingly.

 • Eye catching book covers

There is a famous saying that you should never judge a book by its cover. This may be true in some instances, but when it comes to publishing a book, the book cover is very important. This is especially true if you are publishing a children’s book. This is because kids are usually attracted to attractive illustrations and bright colors. And if you bring a child into a book store they will usually grab the book with the most attractive book cover. So if you want to have an edge in the book marketing arena, it really pays to make your book cover as attractive as possible.

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